“ZAIA was the first resident show of Cirque du Soleil in Asia. Was directed by Gilles Maheu and premiered in June 2008 at the Venetian Resort & Casino in Macau (China). This clown act was created thru the improvisation of Onofrio Colucci with supervision of Leonid Leikin (Theatre LICEDEI, St. Petersburg) Performed by Onofrio Colucci and Tom Cholot. The costume of Onofrio Colucci was created by him together with the great artistry of Dominique Lemieu and the music of the show was composed by Violaine Corradi. This act represent, in our opinion, the ultimate demonstration of tight timing, acting precision (even in the hectic improvisation of 4 or 5 different languages), and props control that a clown should always have on stage. …”