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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language."È un emozionante spettacolo destinato a imprimersi indelebilmente nel cuore degli spettatori: si intitola “Alis” e a presentarlo è Le Cirque with the [...]

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La Stampa: The world-famous clown in an out of season Carnival

The world-famous clown in an out of season Carnival by Silvia Francia: ...A small reminder of the emblem of that art to which the Pugliese artist Colucci has dedicated his life, so much to become an international master, eulogized by the public and critics of the world's stages... ...Colucci says: "Some time ago, Paolo Stratta, [...]

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La lunas del Auditorio Auditorio Nacional de Ciudad de Mexico September 2007 The event is celebrated every year in Mexico City at the impressive "Auditorio Nacional" and is divided into different categories. I received the title in 2007 as main character in the Snowshow winning the category of "Espectàculo Familiar" previously awarded to production such [...]

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"ZAIA was the first resident show of Cirque du Soleil in Asia. Was directed by Gilles Maheu and premiered in June 2008 at the Venetian Resort & Casino in Macau (China). This clown act was created thru the improvisation of Onofrio Colucci with supervision of Leonid Leikin (Theatre LICEDEI, St. Petersburg) Performed by Onofrio Colucci [...]

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El Universal (México)

-Sughey Baños "...Es una experiencia que del lado artístico es única, porque la mayoría de los comentarios que hemos escuchado en todos estos años son en el tenor de ‘nunca he visto en mi vida algo así', y del lado personal, es muy importante para reencontrar el niño dentro de nosotros"...

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Extra! Extra! (London)

A review by Mary Couzens for EXTRA! EXTRA! Those who’ve seen Slava’s Snow Show wear faces wreathed in smiles of fond remembrance, and rather than speak in terms of what it’s ‘about’ to those who’ve yet to see it, always indicate that their lips are sealed, and they invariably are, in a secretive little grin. I found [...]

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Chris Lynam "Onofrio is a pleasure to work with, always ready to give good advice and direction to other Clowns. He is great at connecting people in this often cut throat business." October 7, 2012, chris worked directly with Onofrio at Slava Polunin Francesco Bifano "Onofrio lives constantly on the hunt for intense and deep [...]

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Focus a teatro, Teatro — 05/03/2012 07:12 Un clown acclamato in tutto il mondo. Onofrio Colucci ritorna in Italia in Slava’s Snowshow al Teatro Colosseo di Torino Posted by roberto.rinaldi

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La poesia dei clownche regala emozioni

Lo «Slava's Snowshow»: bolle gigantesche e cascate di neve -TIZIANA PLATZER "Che complicato dev’essere far stare sul proprio volto un naso rosso. Una faccia che Onofrio Colucci muta ogni sera, davanti allo specchio del suo camerino, con l’arte di chi sa usare cerone e colori, da artista artigiano quale si sente. «Noi ci cuciamo i [...]

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